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                  Applicable scope: 50Hz/60Hz single-phase AC motor, air conditioner, refrigerator, compressor etc.

                  Round ABS compression sealed case with a cap,dual quick connector combined with dual wires terminal,anti moisture,anti vibration,high strength and good insulation.
                  Features :
                  under the low starting current, it can promote the torque of electrical machinery with good insulation ability ,high intensity,fluid leakproof and withstand various external force. During the installment,it is advantageous to be fixed and wiring.

                  Standard temperature
                  -20℃ ~ +65℃
                  Voltages Ratings
                  220V ~350V AC
                  Capacitance Range 40~200 μF
                  Duration of test(no. of starts)

                  The number of starts shown are reduced starts for accelerated testing, so that test time does not exceed 35 days.Capacitors should be capable of 75,000 starts for ratings to 125 volts and 40,000 starts for higher voltages.

                  Capacitors are capable of withstanding the application of 120% of the rated voltage AC rms 60Hz. for two seconds without breakdown or visible damage at room temperature.
                  Case Insulation
                  Capacitors are capable of withstanding the application of 2,000 Volts AC rms 60Hz. for 10 seconds between the terminals and a metal foil which tightly cover the surface of the plastic case without breakdown.
                  Applicable Standard
                  IEC60252-2、 GB/T3667.2、SI/UL 810、EN60252-2。
                  D1±1mm D2±1mm H1±2mm H2±1mm L±3mm

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